Dhrupad - An Ancient Art Form For Contemporary Times

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Spirituality vs Entertainment Journey Of Dhrupad
Rudiments Of Dhrupad Alap
Raag And Rasa
Dhrupad In Rare Taal - Raag Shankara | Shankar Panchvadan | Matta Taal ( 9 Beats )
Dhrupad In Rare Taal - Raag Kirwani | Shankar Pralayankar | Bramh Taal ( 28 Beats )
Dhrupad In Rare Taal - Raag Shuddha Kaunsi | Ram Sri Ram Ram | Mani Taal ( 11 Beats )

Dhrupad is one of the oldest surviving art forms and knowledge systems in India and Padma Shri awardee, Pt. Umakant Gundecha has been one of its most celebrated practioners for over three decades. Anant Gundecha is a young exponent and torch bearer for the new generation who has been performing in Jugalbandi with Pt. Umakant Gundecha. In this series they are accompanied by Pt. Akhilesh Gundecha on Pakhawaj and Dhani Gundecha on Tanpura. 

You will get a glimpse into the world of Dhrupad through Stutis /compositions of Shiva and Rama in rare Talas and a special Q&A by Ankita Athawale about Dhrupad - it's philosophy, history and first principles.

Check out these videos for insights and fun facts about this ancient music that has been passed down over the centuries and today, it has made its way to you.

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Gundecha Brothers

Gundecha Brothers


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