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Sarvesh Karthick

Mridangam (Carnatic)

Gayathri Vibhavari
Vishwas Hari
Haritha Narayanan
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Sarvesh Karthick is a skillful artiste, exhibiting his skills on varied percussion instruments and musical gadgets. His creative ideas, intensive traditional training on the Mridhangam with a sharp mind makes him a unique artiste. Sarvesh has the exceptional ability to adapt to different genres and be adept in musical styles, making him an interesting blend of natural talent and focused training. Born to Anjana Karthick and Ghatam Karthick, Sarvesh has had the constant support of his family on all his endeavors. His sister Sravishta is always proud of Sarvesh's achievements. Sarvesh had his advance training in Mridhangam under Sangita K ...Read More

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