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R Shankaranarayanan

Mridangam (Carnatic)

Shruthi Sagar
Kamalakiran Vinjumuri
S Sunil Kumar
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R. Sankaranarayanan, a talented mridangist, is the son of R. Ramani Bhagavatar, grandson of Papanasam Rajagopala Iyer – elder brother of Papanasam Sivan. Pozhichalur, a sleepy village near Pallavaram, a Chennai suburb, was a beehive of nama sankeertanam activities where more than a dozen famous bhagavatar-s would congregate frequently for long nama sankeertanam sessions. Sankaranarayanan was born in this village, in a house reverberating with devotional music. Initiation into bhajan-s when he was only three years old helped the boy develop purity of kalapramana, so essential in concerts. For about three years, Sankaranarayanan played o ...Read More

  1. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India