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Aswini Srinivasan

Mridangam (Carnatic)

T M Krishna
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ASWINI SRINIVASAN ( Born 13 August 1998), Indian Carnatic Classical Music Child Prodigy Percussionist playing the MRIDANGAM, on her Birthday today. Aswini Srinivasan started playing Mridangam at the age of six. She started her training in Mridangam from Padmashri. Dr.T.K. Murthy. Her talent has been recognized by Shri.Ramjhi, Founder Of Issai Mazhalai. Aswini has performed more than 1000 concerts all over India and abroad. She has also played in many Taala Vaadya Concerts along with her Guru Shri. T.K.Murthy and other eminent vidwans. She has accompanied Mridangam to many well known musicians. She has received many prestigious awards and a ...Read More