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Ashwin Srinivasan

Flute (Hindustani)

J A Jayanth
Sai Giridhar Kuchibhotla
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Indian Classical Flautist, Film Composer, Music Arranger / Producer, Singer, Poet and a man of many more talents, Ashwin Srinivasan, a child prodigy, has successfully collaborated in Western Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Electronica, Bollywood and Hollywood with some of the greatest names from around the world. Born into a family of musicians, Ashwin was initiated into Indian Classical music when he was just two years old. He started learning the Sitar from his Mother, who is a student of the Pandit Ravi Shankar style. But he took a fascination for the ‘Bansuri’ (Bamboo flute) at the age of seven. He was trained in the techniques of the Bans ...Read More

  1. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India