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Uninterrupted Live webcast / streaming with unlimited viewers on any device in any location

Create public or private,free or paid events

Customized event page & posts (Text/ Audio / Video) with live chat & support

Video on Demand - Rewind & watch while the event is happening or after it ends

Full HD recording & online archiving

Multiple video teams fully aquainted with the nuances & subtleties of Indian performing arts who are specially trained in documentation

Detailed Webcast Analysis

Assured set of global viewers which includes senior art critics performers, researchers & students

Pre Event


Design - web & print

Email, SMS & Social Media Marketing

Video Conversion & Online archival

Post Event

Detailed Webcast viewership Analytics

CD/DVD Authoring and Duplication


Livestreaming / Webcast

Full HD Video recording

Still Photography

Live updates on social Media

Rental LED Wall / TVs / Projectors

Multi - Track Audio Recording

Here is a thumbs up from..

Shaale is run by a fantastic group of people who can take your dreams to millions around the world though their flawless streaming services. I am highly impressed by their professional & timely service. The quality of webcasts & video documentation Shaale provides can hardly be matched


(Award winning music composer & singer)

I have watched the live webcast of many many carnatic concerts, but your camera team was easily one of the best I have ever seen!


(Renowned Indian Classical Vocalist, Musicologist & organizer of the Swathi Sangeethotsavam)

I must thank Shaale for their webcast of our Svanubhava festival in Chennai, 2014. It was a true pleasure to work with them. Their understanding of Indian arts its visual and aural requirements helps in giving the viewer a real experience of being part of the performances. They were extremely professional and accommodative of our requests. I thank them and I am sure we will work together many more times. I applaud their commitment to the Indian arts and their efforts to disseminate it among the larger community


(Eminent Indian Classical vocalist & organizer of Svanubhava)

Here is a thumbs up from..

Great job Shaale team!!! One of the best livestreams I've experienced. You are the best!

Venkatesh Rao


The video is taken really well and would be one of the best Live Streaming videos I have ever seen. Hearty congratulations to Team Shaale Live for this treasure!


(Dubai, UAE)

I hope every organizer will provide live streaming in the future

Shrivatsa Ballal

(Austin, Texas)

Even my kids are glued to this laptop..more events & livestreams like this are required.

Pushpa Venkatagirish

(Doha, Qatar)

Flawless streaming

Radhika Dikshit

(Manhattan, Kansas)

The video & audio quality is brilliant! I really love your passion to quality


(Bangalore, India)


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10,145 viewers in 876 cities
from 110 countries on 210 devices

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