Title Author Duration
Valmiki Ramayana - An Overview Dr. R Ganesh 1m 52s
Valmiki Ramayana - The 3 Worlds Dr. R Ganesh 8m 27s
Valmiki Ramayana - The Economic Status of the 3 worlds Dr. R Ganesh 3m 1s
Valmiki Ramayana - Conclusion Dr. R Ganesh 1m 30s
Introduction to "The Pertinent Questions" Dr. R Ganesh 1m 51s
Authenticity of Valmiki Ramayana Dr. R Ganesh 5m 37s
Kaikeyi turns selfish & cruel in no time. Doesn't she relent? Dr. R Ganesh 9m 16s
Rama goes to forest with Sita. Lakshmana sans Urmila. Justify! Dr. R Ganesh 4m 59s
Dasharatha deliberately kept away certain people from Rama's coronation. Why? Dr. R Ganesh 3m 31s
What was Janaka's reaction to the exile of Rama & Sita? Dr. R Ganesh 1m 54s
Justify Vaali Vadhe! Dr. R Ganesh 8m 2s
Sugreeva & Vibheeshana in comparison with Kumbhakarna Dr. R Ganesh 6m 28s
How do I get into the world of Ramayama? Dr. R Ganesh 2m 51s

   Level : BeginnerLanguage : EnglishDuration : 1 hour

The Ramayana has inspired poets and artists from time immemorial. In this course, Shatavadhani Dr R. Ganesh answers FAQs on the ancient Indian epic. Why did Rama kill Vali? Was it not unfair? Sita accompanied Rama to the forest, but what about Urmila, Lakshmana's wife? Start watching to get answers to your questions on the Ramayana! Email further questions you have - courses@shaale.com

Prerequisites   -  None. A basic knowledge of the story of the Ramayana is a plus.

Dr. R Ganesh

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