Title Author Duration
Introduction Ramasubramanian K 3m 14s
Why verses? Ramasubramanian K 1m 10s
How are numbers represented in verses? Ramasubramanian K 2m 20s
Area of circle Ramasubramanian K 5m 11s
Surface area of sphere Ramasubramanian K 5m 29s
Solution for quadratic equation Ramasubramanian K 7m 24s
Sum of sums Ramasubramanian K 8m 2s
Surface area of sphere - Rigorous proof Ramasubramanian K 10m 48s
Computing Pi - The Indian method Ramasubramanian K 7m 37s
Computing pi - correct to 11 digits Ramasubramanian K 7m 32s

Mathematical texts composed in metrical form are unique to India. Ancient Indians have designed mechanisms to represent numbers and formulae in poetic metre. Learn about the Indian approach to mensuration, algebra, and even infinite series as represented in poetic compositions with this course!


-  A guide to the Indian method of calculating Pi

-  Examples from the works of Bhaskaracarya and other Indian mathematicians

Prerequisites  -  None

Level : BeginnerLanguage : EnglishDuration : 1 hr

Ramasubramanian K

Famed research scholar and Professor at IIT Bombay

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