Title Author Duration
Introduction to Konnakkol B C Manjunath 2m
The road to Indian percussion B C Manjunath 4m 38s
History of Konnakkol B C Manjunath 5m 18s
Art forms similar to Konnakkol B C Manjunath 6m 6s
Artists' contribution to Konnakkol B C Manjunath 5m 9s
Konnakkol - Lesson 1 - Tha Dhi Thom Nam B C Manjunath 9m 8s
Konnakkol - Lesson 2 - Ki Ta B C Manjunath 4m 32s
Konnakkol - Lesson 3 - Ki Ta Tha Ka B C Manjunath 4m 44s
Konnakkol - Lesson 4 - Ki Ta Ki Ta Tha Ka B C Manjunath 13m 9s
Konnakkol - Lesson 5 - Tha Ka Tha Dhi Mi Tha Dhi Mi B C Manjunath 10m 19s
Konnakkol - Lesson 6 - Dhi Ku Tha Ri Ki Ta Tha Ka B C Manjunath 4m 6s
Konnakkol - Lesson 7 - Korvai B C Manjunath 20m 11s
Konnakkol - Lesson 8 B C Manjunath 8m 13s

Konakkol is an art form that involves the vocal re-creation of Carnatic percussion instruments. This art started off as a vocal repetition of the lessons of the Mrdangam and evolved to include more complex rhythms. Designed for beginners, this course has two parts: an introduction to the history of Konakkol and similar art forms, and a set of basic, practical lessons in performance.

Prerequisites  -  None

Level : BeginnerLanguage : EnglishDuration : 4 hours

B C Manjunath

Prolific Mridangam & Konnakkol artiste. Know more

Somashekar Jois

Young & talented Konnakkol artiste, founder at World Konnakkol Academy Know more