Title Author Duration
Eighteen seats of Learning Dr. R Ganesh 4m 54s
Introduction to Indian Culture Dr. R Ganesh 7m 54s
Dharma Brahma Rasa Dr. R Ganesh 6m 26s
Indian concept of Values Dr. R Ganesh 5m 14s
Purusharthas Dr. R Ganesh 5m 34s
Purusharthas 2 Dr. R Ganesh 7m 33s
Nature of Self Dr. R Ganesh 7m 22s
Rta Rna Dharma Dr. R Ganesh 8m 8s
Yajna Daana Tapas Dr. R Ganesh 8m 57s
The Four Vedas Dr. R Ganesh 12m 25s
The Six Vedangas Dr. R Ganesh 9m 22s
Itihaasa PuraaNa Aagama Darshana Dr. R Ganesh 16m 7s
Upavedas Dr. R Ganesh 7m 29s
Conclusion Dr. R Ganesh 3m 3s

Level : BeginnerLanguage : EnglishDuration : 1 hr 18 min

Welcome to an Introduction to Indian Culture! This is a course designed to acquaint you with some concepts that are central to Indian culture. What do the Vedas contain? What is Dharma? How does Indian culture define the goals of human life? Start watching to find out!

Prerequisites  -  None. The course is open to anyone with an interest in Indian culture.

Dr. R Ganesh

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