Title Author Duration
Ramayana & Mahabharata - Facts or fiction? Dr. R Ganesh 2m 10s
What were the origins of the Vedas? Dr. R Ganesh 3m 18s
Women were un-educated in ancient India? Dr. R Ganesh 2m 41s
Status of Women in ancient India Dr. R Ganesh 18m 38s
Child Marriage? Widow re-marriage? Sati? Dr. R Ganesh 10m 31s
How did caste system begin & end up becoming what it is? Are hierarchies relevant today? Dr. R Ganesh 13m 40s
How did untouchability originate? And remain? Dr. R Ganesh 1m 32s
Does Sanskrit belong to only one class of people? Dr. R Ganesh 5m 14s

This course aims at doing away with common misconceptions about Indian culture. Start watching to know the facts: Was Sanskrit restricted to just one section of society? What was the status of women in ancient India really like? How did the caste system begin? Find answers to these and more. Mail us your questions at courses@shaale.com

Prerequisites  -  None

Level : BeginnerLanguage : EnglishDuration : 1 hr 10 min

Dr. R Ganesh

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