Title Author Duration
Definition of Avadhana Dr. R Ganesh 1m 46s
Roots of Avadhana Dr. R Ganesh 1m 18s
Eight types of recitation Dr. R Ganesh 2m 21s
Avadhana as an art Dr. R Ganesh 2m 47s
Varieties of Avadhana Dr. R Ganesh 17m 10s
History of Avadhana Dr. R Ganesh 2m 30s
Avadhana & 64 arts Dr. R Ganesh 5m 21s
Avadhana & Chamatkara Dr. R Ganesh 9m 28s
Aashukavitwa Dr. R Ganesh 4m 59s
Four types of Poetry Dr. R Ganesh 3m 23s
Women in Avadhana Dr. R Ganesh 5m 4s
Sahityaavadhana - Past & Present Dr. R Ganesh 9m 4s
Parts of Avadhana - Introduction Dr. R Ganesh 2m 37s
Parts of Avadhana - Nishedharkshara Dr. R Ganesh 4m 24s
Parts of Avadhana - Samasyaapoorna Dr. R Ganesh 4m 56s
Parts of Avadhana - Dattapadi Dr. R Ganesh 3m 3s
Parts of Avadhana - Chitrakavitaa Dr. R Ganesh 6m 47s
Parts of Avadhana - Ashukavitwa Dr. R Ganesh 3m 27s
Parts of Avadhana - Kavyavaachana Dr. R Ganesh 4m 42s
Parts of Avadhana - Ghantavadhana Sankhyabandha Dr. R Ganesh 2m 29s
Science of Avadhaana Dr. R Ganesh 7m 14s
The path ahead Dr. R Ganesh 6m 13s

Avadhana is an ancient art involving linguistic acrobatics and jugglery like no other. Poetry is composed extempore here, under unbelievable constraints and distractions. The course is an introduction to this fascinating tradition, its history, and all the technical and creative aspects of the Avadhana. What's more, this course is offered by a scholar widely credited with reviving this art form in Kannada in our times!

Prerequisites  -  None

Level : BeginnerLanguage : EnglishDuration : 1 hr 35 min

Dr. R Ganesh

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